Green Space Our Place Volunteers

Green Space Our Place volunteer program was developed to allow residents to undertake gardening and landscape management in areas throughout our region. This has an enormous benefit to Cairns and its surrounding suburbs, both monetarily and in the building of community spirit.

With the vision of ‘Building collaborative partnerships between Council and community to promote and develop our region while connecting and creating opportunities to enrich lives’ our volunteers are able to play an active role to enhance our region.

Our volunteers are a diverse and eclectic bunch of people, who share the passion of working outside in the beautiful natural environment and enhancing our regions green areas.

They are not afraid of green ants and creepy crawlies of various shapes and sizes, or shedding a few litres of sweat whilst mulching garden beds on a 32 degree day.

They are hard-working, fun loving, dedicated people who share knowledge, make friends, bake cakes to share and feel the satisfaction of their amazing collective achievements.

Some of our volunteers aim to gain employment in horticulture, and whether still studying and accumulating practical hours, or getting experience in the industry, we support their efforts towards employment through volunteering with our program.


Weekly supervised groups

If you have an interest in gardening or re-vegetation, there are a number of supervised groups available. Volunteers supervisors work alongside our volunteers, guiding them in their activities.

Find more about our groups below or get in touch with Volunteers Supervisor Louisa Grandy 4032 6648 or email for more info or to volunteer.

Down 'n' Dirty Gardening Group

The Down ‘n' Dirty group does gardening tasks at the Botanic Gardens on Wednesday mornings. Read more

Cattana Wetlands 'Jabirus'

Cattana Wetlands Jabirus meet Tuesday mornings to weed, plant and take part in general maintenance of the wetlands as well as enhancing the visitor experience. Read more

Esplanade 'Sandipers'

The Esplanade ‘Sandpipers’ are a dedicated group which meets Tuesday mornings to enhance the existing Esplanade gardens. Read more

Tracks 'n' Trails

Tracks ‘n’ Trails meet on Wednesday and Friday mornings to maintain and improve the Mt Whitfield Arrow Tracks. Read more

Saltwater Creek 'Salties'

The Saltwater Creek ‘Salties’ revegetation group meets on Friday mornings to weed, plant and generally preserve the reserves along Saltwater Creek. Read more


‘Weedbusters’ volunteers control a variety of weeds each Thursday morning Read more

Stratford Nursery Volunteers

Stratford Nursery volunteers meet on Thursday mornings to assist in Council’s Natural Areas Management native nursery. Read more

Sugarworld Gardeners

Sugarworld Gardeners meet monthly on a Thursday morning to assist with the beautification of the Sugarworld Botanic Gardens. Read more

Guided tours

Join one of our guided tours for insight into the amazing flora and fauna of tropical North Queensland. Read more

Plant collection database volunteers

Plant Collection Database volunteers assist staff with entering records on the Cairns Botanic Gardens living plant collection database. Read more

Little Taccas

The award winning ‘Little Taccas’ children’s nature activities program is held fortnightly on Thursdays. Read more

Community Gardens/Produce Gardens

Interested in developing a community vegetable and fruit garden in your neighbourhood? There are a couple of ways to do this. Read more

Local parks and reserves

Green Space Our Place also includes resident volunteers working in parks, reserves, and waterways. Read more

Pioneer Cemetery

The McLeod Street Pioneer Cemetery volunteers meet on the first Tuesday of the month, from 7am to 9am, to take care of this important heritage place. Read more
Last updated: 14 December 2020