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Infirm service for rubbish bin collection

Council provides an Infirm Service to residents who are physically incapable of placing their wheelie bins out for collection and have no able-bodied person living with them. The waste collection contractor will enter the resident's property to collect the bins and return them after servicing.

A written letter from a medical professional (GP, occupational therapist, health care professional or nursing agent) is required for this service. There is no additional cost for the infirm service; it is covered under the annual cleansing charge on the property. Contact Council on 4044 3044 for more information.

Damaged footpaths or public access issues

If you come across a damaged footpath or other issue that is a public safety issue and/or restricts accessibility in public places, please report the details including exact location to Council's Customer Service Centre by phoning 4044 3044. Alternatively, you can use our online form to report a problem or request service. Be sure to specify that this is a disability or access issue in the Details box to help us better serve you.

Disability parking permits
  • If you hold a blue Queensland accessible parking permit, you can use on-street and off-street accessible parking bays as well as paid parking bays - including  pay-and-display spaces - for an unlimited time, free of charge. You are exempt from the general time limit in all traffic areas (eg a 3P zone).
  • We recognise all interstate and international accessible parking permits. Please display your permit on the left hand side of the car's dashboard.
  • Holders of accessible permits are not exempt from parking in restricted areas such as loading zones or taxi zones.
MLAK (Master Locksmith Access Key)

The Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK) enables people with disabilities to gain 24/7 access to a network of public facilities across Australia. People with a disability are able to purchase an MLAK master key which will open all toilets, playgrounds and other facilities which are fitted with this specially designed lock. Read more about MLAK ( PDF, 0.9 MB ).

In Cairns, the MLAK system is fitted to the Lagoon amenities and the Liberty Swing at Muddy's Playground on the Esplanade.  On-site signage at both facilities provides contact numbers to call for immediate access without an MLAK key.

Communication support
  • When Council hosts an event where a person who is deaf or hard of hearing is known to be attending, we will ensure we have an Auslan interpreter on hand to translate. Please tell us if you require an interpreter prior to attending so we can book an interpreter through Deaf Services Queensland.
  • Council's customer service centres at Spence Street and Manunda Library have a portable hearing induction device to enable a hearing impaired person to communicate efficiently with the customer service team members. Please indicate your requirement to the staff on arrival.
  • We also have a hearing induction loop installed in our the Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre at Edge Hill.
Beach wheelchairs

A beach wheelchair is available for free hire at Palm Cove (on Williams Esplanade at the Queensland Life Savers station). Just ask the on-duty lifeguard to issue it to you and fill in the indemnity book.

Motorised wheelchairs and mobility scooters

Council's Stay Safe: Mobility Guide ( PDF, 2.36 MB ) contains helpful information on how to safely use motorised scooters and wheelchairs including tips on:

  • Queensland Transport rules and registration requirements
  • travelling on public transport, trains and taxis
  • crossing roads and railway lines
  • sharing the footpath and avoiding 'footpath rage'
  • emergency breakdown service and battery recharge stations

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Last updated: 16 January 2018