Community safety program

An initiative of Cairns Regional Council, the Cairns Community Safety Program is committed to creating a vibrant community where people can live comfortably and safely. Council's commitment to community safety and crime prevention is based on building partnerships with community members, services and government, taking a proactive approach in the prevention of crime, and using urban design principles.

The program utilises elected members of Council, representatives from the Queensland Police Service, Department of Premier and Cabinet, the private sector, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders, Neighbourhood Watch, the Education Department, Queensland Health, Liquor Licensing and Cairns nightclub and hotel industry representatives, among others. Through this extensive network, the program aims to strengthen existing collaborations and identify opportunities for the development of partnerships aimed at community safety and crime prevention activities.

Partnerships with residents, business, various council departments, and local and state community safety and emergency services organisations, have enabled crime prevention and more broadly, community safety, on a number of levels:

  • Immediate action: local solutions to local problems
  • Education and awareness raising and
  • Long term solutions: prevention by design and strong policy direction.

Council is dedicated to creating a region that promotes community safety and positive community relations. Thus, the portfolio of the Cairns Community Safety Program is extensive, with major focus on the following areas:

  • Crime prevention through environmental design.
  • Safety audits.
  • Community awareness and education.
  • Research into current trends in crime reduction and crime prevention.
  • Public space.
  • Age and gender related issues.
  • Drug and alcohol related issues.
  • Advocacy on behalf of community groups.
  • Support for agencies undertaking other community safety projects.

Safe Party Information Kit is an Initiative of the Queensland Police Service.  If you're organising a party, register it with local Police and use the tips in the Safe Party Information Kit to avoid or minimise potential problems like gatecrashers, excess noise and damage to property.

Last updated: 01 May 2017