Full Certificate - 30 business days

A full planning and development certificate, in addition to the information contained in a limited and standard certificate.

  • If a relevant approval for the premises includes conditions (including conditions about the carrying out of works or the payment of money, other than under an infrastructure agreement) imposed, or required to be imposed, by the local government - a statement about the fulfilment or non-fulfilment of each condition, at a stated day after the day the certificate was applied for.
  • If an infrastructure agreement applies to the premises and the local government is a party to the agreement - (i) details of the nature and extent of any obligations under the agreement that have not been fulfilled; and (ii) details of any security required under the agreement, including whether any payment required to be made under the security has been made.
  • Details of any prosecution, or proceedings for a prosecution, for a development offence under the Act, the old Act or the repealed IPA relating to the premises that the local government is aware of.

A statement about the fulfilment or non-fulfilment of each condition of fulfilment (subsection (1)(a)) does not apply in relation to a condition of a relevant approval if the condition relates to the ongoing use of the premises.

The applicant may request that a full planning and development certificate be given without the information normally contained in a limited or standard planning and development certificate.

Relevant approval, for premises, means - development approval in effect for the premises; or  a master plan applying to the premises that continues to have effect under section 315 of the Act.

Last updated: 11 September 2018