Driveway and Crossover

The road reserve is an area of land controlled by the Local Government Authority, set aside for essential services and transport infrastructure. The extent is typically from property boundary to property boundary. Council must approve all works undertaken within the road reserve to ensure the safety of all users and the protection of existing infrastructure.

A driveway is a vehicular crossing that provides safe and convenient access to a property within the road reserve.  An access crossover is part of the driveway at the kerb line which transitions from the edge of the sealed road (in rural areas) or kerb and channel to the property boundary (in built-up areas).

The construction and maintenance of driveways and access crossovers within both the road reserve and a resident's own property is the responsibility of the property owner.

It is important that driveways adhere to the specifications and plans provided (particularly regarding the slope of the driveway) to avoid problems with stormwater runoff and to maintain the existing levels of the corridor for pedestrians or future footpath construction.

The property owner is responsible for all costs, the standard of construction and the maintenance of the driveway and crossover. Modification of the kerb and channel, if required, is also considered part of the driveway construction.

For new construction or modification of an existing access driveway or crossover, please refer to the following documents for a self-assessable driveway & crossover:

Where the driveway works being undertaken do not meet the self-assessable conditions or the standard driveway and crossover specifications, you are required to lodge an application for a Development Permit (Operational Works). A properly-made application should include the following items:

  • Cover letter;
  • DA Form 1 obtained from the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning DSDMIP;
  • Statement of Compliance for Operational Works Design, obtained from Far North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (FNQROC);
  • Plans (to scale) in support of the application, including but not limited to:
    • Illustrating the functional layout;
    • Road/Stormwater/Sewer/Water/Landscaping Works including Vegetation Protection and
      Removal/Excavation/Fill Earthworks; and
    • Erosion and Sediment Control.
  • An assessment against the current planning scheme CairnsPlan 2016;
  • Payment of relevant application fees (please refer to Building and Development Fees and Charges). More than one fee may apply for applications that cover multiple application types; and

Return of Security Bond

Where a security bond was lodged with any driveway or access crossover applications prior to 31 December 2017, please refer to the directions below for the return of your bond.

Following the completion of all Operational Work elements and demonstrated compliance with the conditions of all related approvals (including Operational Works, Material Change of Use and/or Reconfiguring a Lot Decision Notices), please contact the Development Services team via email at or by telephone on 1300 69 22 47 to organise for an inspection and refund of the bond amount.

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Last updated: 25 June 2019