Applicable zoning and overlays

To determine whether approval is required for a proposed development, the parts of CairnsPlan 2016 which apply to the site / property need to be identified.

1. Determine the property's zone

CairnsPlan 2016 divides the city into 'zones' to indicate areas of preferred land use (e.g. community facilities, industry, rural residential, conservation). There are also Local Plans applicable in some areas which cater for specific needs in localised areas.

2. Determine if any overlays apply on the property

Overlays may apply on all or part of the property. Overlays indicate areas where provisions exist to manage natural hazards (e.g. bushfires, flooding), preserve values (e.g. heritage, environmental/biodiversity) and manage the built environment (e.g. infrastructure, airports, transport).

Last updated: 25 February 2016