Development types

Reconfiguring A Lot

Creating lots by subdividing another lot, amalgamating two or more lots, rearranging boundaries, creating an easement to give access from a road, dividing land into parts by agreement.

Material Change Of Use

Start of a new use, re-establishment of a use that was abandoned, or a material increase in the intensity or scale of the use of the premises.

Material change of use applications will need to identify the proposed use. Use definitions can be found in Schedule 1.1 of the CairnsPlan 2016(CairnsPlan 2016).

Operation Work

Covers a range of different activities, such as:

  • extracting gravel, rock, sand or soil from a place where it naturally occurs;
  • forest practices and clearing vegetation;
  • excavating, filling or other work in, on, over or under the premises that materially affects the premises or its use;
  • placing an advertising device on a premises;
  • operations relating to taking or interfering with water;
  • roadworks on a local government road.

Building Work

Building, repairing, altering, underpinning (vertical or lateral support), moving or demolishing a building or other structure.

Plumbing Or Drainage Work

Domestic and commercial plumbing and drainage works, including on-site sewerage facilities.

Last updated: 25 February 2016