Decision stage

For each development application, the Assessment Manager must:

  • assess the application against all relevant State, regional and local planning legislation;
  • consider the purpose of all relevant Codes; and
  • consider all submissions made within the public notification period.

Decision makers

Decisions on development applications are made by:

  • the full Council at the Planning & Sustainability Meeting or Ordinary Meeting,
  • delegates of Council.

The majority of development applications are determined under delegation by the Manager Strategic Planning & Approvals following detailed assessment by a planning officer.

How applicants are notified (Decision Notice)

Applicants receive a Decision Notice within five (5) business days of the delegate or Council decision. If approved, the Decision Notice sets out the terms of the decision, appeal rights and conditions. In the case of a refusal, the Decision Notice provides the reasons for refusal.

Anyone who has made a properly made submission also receives notification of the decision.

Negotiated Decision Notice

The applicant has a 20 business day appeal period. However, the applicant may suspend the appeal period to lodge a request for a negotiated Decision Notice. The request must be lodged within 20 business days of suspending the appeal period.

The written representations must state what parts of the Decision Notice the applicant wishes to negotiate and why (for example, a condition of development). Council may amend the decision or refuse to amend the decision. The applicant then has the balance of the applicant appeal period to lodge an appeal if they do not agree with Council's negotiated Decision Notice.

Last updated: 23 February 2016