Application stage


The file is entered into Council's record keeping systems and then allocated to a Development Assessment Planner.

Application review

The planner will review the application and decide if it can proceed further (ie, whether it is "properly made"). Criteria for a properly made application can include whether the owner’s consent is given, the correct fee has been paid and mandatory supporting information is provided.

Once the application is properly made, it may be referred internally to other relevant Council officers including engineers, strategic planners, and sport and recreation planners.

Acknowledgement notice

If the application is impact assessable, an Acknowledgement Notice is sent.  For code assessable applications, an Acknowledgement Notice is only sent if there are external referral agencies.  Acknowledgement Notices are sent within ten (10) days of lodgement of an application.

You can contact your assessment manager at any time during the course of the application.

Last updated: 19 February 2016