Have your say on a Development Application

How to Make a Submission

Residents can support or oppose proposed development by making a formal submission, even if they do not live in the area. A submission is a written explanation supporting or opposing a development proposal.

Submissions must:

  • be in writing and signed by each person who is listed as supporting it; and
  • include the name and address of each person who signs it; and
  • state what aspects of the plan or proposed development you support or oppose and why; and
  • be received by Council during the formal public notification period.

Council needs to understand the reasons behind your submission. For example, if you think the type of development proposed for your area is unsuitable, you need to say why it is unsuitable, not simply that you do not like it.

A person who makes a 'properly made submission' is called the 'submitter'.  Once Council considers all submissions, a copy of the decision is sent to everyone who wrote a submission; or the first person on the list of 'submitters' if the submission was signed by several people.

Submissions can be made on developments that are 'impact assessable'. Normally these are complex developments, or those that Council thinks might impact on neighbours, or be potentially unsuitable for an area. Developments that are straightforward, or considered generally suitable, are listed as 'code assessable'. Residents can make a submission on code assessable developments, however, the submitter will not have any formal rights under the Sustainable Planning Act.

You can make a submission in writing to:

Attention Manager Development Assessment
Cairns Regional Council
PO Box 359
Cairns Qld 4870

A submission form is available to assist in lodging your submission. You can download and use the PDF version of the submission form ( PDF, 0.55 MB )

Submissions can also be emailed to townplanner@cairns.qld.gov.au.

It is important that in addition to the information required above, the submission clearly details which development application you are making a submission about. View details of Development Applications here.

Submissions are not confidential. Submissions are made available for viewing or purchase through the public scrutiny process [s 728(1) of Sustainable Planning Act]. For more information see www.dilgp.qld.gov.au.

Last updated: 17 August 2017