After your development is approved

Post-development approval checks

Before you begin work you must:

  • get all operational works and compliance assessment approvals (applicable to the conditions of approval);
  • comply with the relevant conditions of approval, including timing requirements;
  • pay your Infrastructure Charges;
  • appoint a licensed builder and building certifier;
  • make sure that your site is safe and environmental controls are in place;
  • arrange a pre-start meeting with Council engineers.

This list is a general guide only.

Process chart

The following flow chart shows where you are now in the development assessment process.

Fees are applicable for some stages in the process. Check current fees and charges.

Council may undertake random audits of development sites to ensure conditions of development are complied with and development is in accordance with approvals.

Determine if development approval is required the application will then go through the following process.

  1. Development Application is lodged with Council - Council grants development approval subject to conditions
  2. Prior to commencement - Check conditions to see if you are affected by any of the conditions prior to commencement of works, or prior to lodgement of building approval
  3. Operational works applications lodged - Obtain all operational works and compliance assessment applications required by the conditions of approval.
  4. Obtain building approval - Appoint a building certifier to assess the building application. Approval of the building application must be obtained prior to commencement of works on site. Ensure you satisfy all conditions prior to commencement of works/or prior to building approval, or prior to commencement of building work
  5. Appoint builder - Sign a contract with a licensed builder and make sure that the builder has appropriate insurance
  6. Appoint a building certifier - Sign an agreement with an accredited building certifier to do the building inspections
  7. Pre-start meetings - Contact Council engineers from the Development Assessment Team to arrange a pre-start meeting appointment. At this time the engineer will require details of the engineering consultant (RPEQ) and timing for the construction period (if required for engineering works on site)
  8. Building or reconfiguration work - Comply with all approval conditions
  9. On maintenance - Consulting engineer to contact Council engineers from the Development Assessment Team to arrange an on maintenance inspection. Payment of on maintenance security deposit may apply
  10. Plan Sealing (for reconfiguration applications) - Lodge survey plan with council for approval
  11. Off maintenance inspection - Twelve months after the on maintenance inspection, engineering consultant to seek joint off maintenance inspection with Council’s engineers. This will determine if assets are acceptable to be handed over to Council. A final acceptance letter will be given at this time. Where any securities are held for maintenance purposes, these will be released upon final acceptance
  12. Titles Office (for reconfiguration applications) - Lodge the sealed plan with the Titles Office.
  13. Occupation and use - Make sure you comply with development approval conditions relating to ongoing use
Last updated: 16 June 2020