Cairns Regional Council’s aim is for Cairns to be known as the arts and culture capital of Northern Australia. Council subsequently encourages busking as it contributes to a vibrant and lively street culture.

The most popular forms of busking are singing or playing a musical instrument; however there are many other types of busking performances such as dancing, juggling, puppetry, miming, magic or living statue acts.

Busking does not include activities such as begging, advertising, promotion of or sale of goods, and political rallying.

Cairns Regional Council manages busking that occurs in public spaces or places such as the Cairns CBD, parks or markets. Council does not look after busking that occurs on private property.

We welcome local, national and international performers who specialise in providing friendly and welcoming entertainment for all ages.

If you are a performer and would like to busk in a public space or place, you must apply for a busking permit and abide by some common sense rules.

Council has pre-approved busking locations in the CBD and a busking schedule of 50 minute sets. Buskers can busk at multiple locations a day.

Council's Busking Best Practice Management Policy ( PDF, 0.52 MB ) sets out to ensure that busking maintains the attractiveness, comfort, safety and enjoyment of our public places and nearby private spaces. Buskers are encouraged to read the Plan before applying.

Last updated: 23 August 2018