What are the initial and annual costs associated with a Footpath Dining permit?

Based on the address at which the footpath dining activities are carried, the following fees apply.

Please refer to map below to determine which area the footpath dining activity will be charged at.

Initial Costs
New application fee $225.00
Transfer application fee $183.60

Annual Fees
Area A – $191.80
Area B – $102.00
Area C – $59.20
Area D – $35.70
Area E – $21.40
Area F – $13.30
Area G – $9.20

Please note: only the initial application fee is required upon applying for a footpath dining permit. Rental fees are based on areas and invoices will be issued upon approval and may be charged quarterly throughout the annual permit period.

Footpath Dining Area Map
Footpath Dining Area Map
Last updated: 31 October 2016