Why Cairns?

Cairns is a vibrant tropical city, strategically located as a world-class tourism and commercial hub. It is perfectly positioned at the intersection of emerging Asia and the growing economic powerhouse of the tropic zone.

The city is an attractive investment opportunity and an ideal place to live, visit and do business. Investors are quickly seizing opportunities in our key industries, and we now have billions of dollars’ worth of tourism, residential and commercial development projects planned or underway.

Cairns Regional Council is a proactive and pro-business local government. We welcome private investment in strategic industries.

欢迎来到凯恩斯 —— 昆士兰州北部热带地区的活动中心

凯恩斯是一个繁荣且不断成长的都市,随时准备好迎接投资。这里是通往世界两大自然奇观 —— 大堡礁和列入世界遗产名录的湿热带雨林的国际门户,战略性的地理位置使凯恩斯成为了全球闻名的一流旅游目的地。 阅读更多。

For investors, Cairns delivers:

  • Significant opportunities in tourism, education, health care, marine and aviation
  • Perfectly positioned to capitalise on growing economic powerhouse of the tropic zone
  • Growing and globally-competitive economy
  • World-class infrastructure and strong investment pipeline
  • Competitive property markets
  • Pro-business local government, stable political environment
  • Development-friendly planning scheme and fast-track approvals
  • Investment incentives to businesses wishing to locate, expand and retain their operations in the Cairns region in key strategic industries
  • Specialist local support and facilitated connections

Cairns Investment Prospectus

Download our Prospectus ( PDF, 3.39 MB ) or view the e-book below to discover the many investment opportunities on offer in Cairns.

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A city for the Asian century

Cairns is a strategically located world-class tourism and commercial hub, perfectly positioned to capitalise on the massive, fast-growing Asian economies.

As the international gateway to two of the world’s great natural wonders – the Great Barrier Reef and the world’s oldest tropical rainforest – Cairns is renowned worldwide as a premier tourism destination. Our spectacular and pristine reef, rainforest and tropical beaches attract more than 2.4 million visitors every year.

Our city is home to 158,000 people and our population is expected to grow to 400,000 by 2050. Cairns has a welcoming multicultural community where residents from more than 47 nations love the vibrant culture and relaxed tropical lifestyle.

A tropical “city in the rainforest”, Cairns is surrounded by unspoilt nature. We have the highest tree covering of any regional city in Australia (with 79% green space in our urban areas). The city’s planning policies balance
development with protecting our unique environment for future generations.

Cairns offers world-class education, health and leisure facilities and housing options to suit all lifestyles.

Cairns is a friendly, safe and sophisticated international city with unparalleled natural beauty, enviable tropical climate, relaxed lifestyle and enormous economic growth potential – making us the ideal place to position yourself for the Asian century.

Last updated: 16 November 2017