Driveways and easements

Driveways and crossovers 

It is the property owner's responsibility to construct and maintain residential driveways and crossovers within the road reserve and within a resident's own property. 

The crossover is the part of the driveway that crosses the footway from the kerb to the property boundary. 

A single residential crossover (new or alteration to existing) does not require Council approval on the condition that it is constructed in accordance with the Access Crossovers requirements of the FNQROC Development Manual. This document stipulates minimum construction standards and required site grades to allow safe and reasonable access to your property. These standards aim to minimise stormwater runoff and erosion, ensure access to public utilities, and maintain a safe corridor for pedestrians and traffic. 

Council approval is required for multiple residential crossovers as well as commercial and industrial crossovers.

Building on easements 

Many properties have easements running through them. Easements are sections of private property that are set aside to allow Council access to these properties to maintain pipelines, services or drainage systems. 

If you wish to do building work over an easement, you will need to obtain written consent from the registered holder of the easement. A Title Search will identify the easement holder. (Fees apply - contact the Queensland Government Titles Registry by phone 13QGOV for more information on requesting a Title Search.) 

If the proposed building is over or near infrastructure, you may need to apply to Council for approval, make special provisions for the footings, or relocate the structure.

Last updated: 24 June 2016