Building approval and inspections

When is a building approval (certification) required?

A building development approval (certification), known as a building permit, is required prior to commencing construction on most types of domestic or commercial building works.  This includes but is not limited to new dwellings, alterations and additions, demolitions, carports and sheds (including the DIY kit type), roofed patios, gazebos, pergolas and shade sails, certain fences and retaining walls, swimming pools and spas.

You will need a private building certifier who will assess whether the proposed work complies with the Building Act 1975 and associated regulations and building standards. Please note Council does not offer building certification services.

All building certifiers must be registered with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

How to finalise a building approval

You will need to arrange a final inspection of your building works to ensure they meet the requirements of relevant legislation and standards.

The information below explains how to arrange a final inspection for a building or plumbing approval.

Approvals issued by Council

Council is no longer providing building certification services. However, Council will asses and finalise building approvals lodged before 1 March 2017.

A qualified certifier will conduct a visual inspection to determine if the building structure is compliant with the relevant legislation and standards.

To do this we will need access to your property and therefore may require written authority from the land owner. Someone must also be present during the inspection.

If Council is satisfied that the building is compliant we will issue a final inspection certificate.

Approvals issued by private building certifiers

If your approval was issued by a private certifier you will need to contact them to finalise the process. The certifier may require further inspections, documentation or fees.

If the required inspections have not been done, the original certifier (or another certifier) may be able to indicate what needs to be done to make the structure compliant with legislation and standards and any associated costs.

If the approval has lapsed, or you can't contact the original certifier, you will need to engage a new private building certifier to lodge a new development application and start the process from the beginning.

Council is unable to recommend private building certifiers, but you can search for certifiers in local telephone and business directories. Further information about the certification process is available at the Department of Housing and Public Works website.

Lodgement of documents

It is mandatory for certifiers to lodge approval documents, plans and inspection details with Council.

If you are unsure about the status of a building approval you can order a Land Record Search Request ( PDF, 0.17 MB ) (permit search) through Council - select the relevant category - or contact Council on 4044 3044 for assistance.

Pre-purchase building and pest inspections

Council does not offer building and pest inspection services for people wishing to buy a property. A number of private businesses offer these services and can be found in local telephone and business directories.

Last updated: 16 June 2020