Road Closure - Mt Peter Road

  • Type of work: Road Closure (Full/Partial)
  • Suburb: Edmonton
  • Work period (anticipated): 09/02/2018 to 15/06/2018
  • Description: Road closed at Sandy Creek
  • Likely impacts: Road Closure
  • Location: Mt Peter Road
  • Status: Open

Mt Peter Road remains closed to all traffic approximately 3km south of the MacKillop Road intersection (at Sandy Creek) after it was washed out due to heavy rain.

Motorists are reminded not to attempt to drive over the crossing – it is extremely unsafe to do so, and by ignoring the ‘road closed’ signage you are accepting all liability for damage or injury incurred.

Timeframe for works: the new pipe will be installed in approx. 6 weeks’ time once the pipe has been manufactured and delivered to site, and site conditions are suitable. Following the pipe installation, headwalls will be constructed. These major works will be done in two stages, which will allow the road to reopen to one-lane of traffic in early May 2018, weather permitting. The site will remain under traffic control or temporary traffic lights until the works are fully completed in early June 2018.

Until the repair works are completed and the road has reopened – with all road closure signage and barricades removed, you are reminded to continue to use the temporary detours. Under no circumstances should you attempt to drive across the damaged crossing.

For further information, please phone 4044 3326 or email

Last updated: 13 March 2018