Water strategy & policy

Council's water division provides core services to the Cairns regional community:

  • Water management
  • Wastewater management

These services are governed by Council's water and wastewater management strategies, policies and customer service standards, as listed below.

Copperlode Falls Dam Emergency Action Plan

As the Copperlode Falls Dam owner, Cairns Regional Council (Council) has a legal obligation under the Queensland State Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 to have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

The EAP has provisions regarding the identification, detection and management of dam hazards, as well as dam hazard and emergency events and how effective warnings and notifications are communicated to those potentially impacted.

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Drinking Water Quality Management

The management of drinking water quality is a core function and encompasses many aspects of water supply operations, planning and reporting according to the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.

Key Performance Indicators

The following document outlines definitions and reporting information for the Cairns Regional Council Key Performance Indicators (QG KPIs).

Customer service standards

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Customer Service Standards 2017-2022 (433.9 KB)
Outlining the obligations of CRC Water and Waste in delivering the water, wastewater and waste services to the Cairns community. Detailing the expectations we have for our customers and the levels of service to be provided to our customers based on performance indicators and goals. Processes for establishing new services, billing, metering, customer consultation.

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Customer Service Standards Brochure 2017.pdf (895.3 KB)
Cairns Regional Council, Water and Waste, Customer Service Standards Flyer 2013. Print friendly version of the obligations of CRC Water and Waste in delivering the water, wastewater and waste services to the Cairns community.

Water policies

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Drinking Water Quality General Policy No 10126 (24.5 KB)
To establish a policy for the implementation and maintenance of a Drinking Water Quality Management System that is consistent with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

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Recycled Water General Policy (29.1 KB)
To establish guidelines in relation to the supply and use of recycled water.

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Terms of Reference - Water and Waste Committee General Policy (34.0 KB)
Establish the framework within which the above Standing Committee operates with reference to obligations specified in the Local Government Act 2009 and other guiding documents adopted by Council. This policy forms the basis of an annual self evaluation process for the activity of the Committee.

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Trade Waste Environmental Management General Policy (197.8 KB)
Provide for treatment (subject to conditions) of biodegradable waste into the sewerage systems such that discharges to receiving waters maintain or enhance receiving water quality.

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Water & Waste Environmental Operational Policy (1.6 MB)
This Environmental Policy demonstrates Council's commitment to providing water, wastewater and waste management services in an environmentally responsible manner, and to a standard that meets government and community expectations.

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Water Conservation General Policy (31.5 KB)
To establish a policy for the adoption of water conservation principles and actions for Cairns Regional Council operational activities, properties and public facilities.

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Water Demand Strategy 2016-2025 (856.7 KB)
Council's Water Demand Management Strategy 2009 -2012 details our key activities to reduce water demand and improve water use efficiency.

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Water Meter Installation General Policy No 10103 (10.2 KB)
To establish a policy for the installation of water meters in areas of the Cairns Regional Council.

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Water Restrictions General Policy (24.4 KB)
To establish a policy and approval process for the imposition of water restrictions by Cairns Regional Council Water and Waste.

Last updated: 01 February 2018