About waste and recycling

Cairns regional waste management strategy 2010-2015

The Waste Strategy sets out the principles, objectives, targets, programme areas and action plans for managing waste and recycling for the next five years and is designed to achieve the following objectives and targets:

High Level Objectives

  • reduction of waste generation rates;
  • improved awareness of waste as a resource and influencing behavioural change;
  • improved resource recovery;
  • improved recycling and composting;
  • improved residual waste treatment and recovery; and
  • minimisation of waste sent to landfill.

The strategy is made up of a high level strategy document accompanied by five background reports, and will guide the way we manage our waste over the next five years.  View the strategy document and reports here.

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Contributing to a sustainable region

Council's waste and recycling services aim to minimise waste disposal to landfill. We operate a materials recovery facility (MRF), four waste transfer stations and a buy back shop. The waste and recycle facilities recycle and reuse materials such as:

  • Garden waste
  • Household waste
  • Metals
  • Recyclable materials - steel cans, aluminum cans, plastics, glass
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Reusable household items
  • Reusable building materials

Last updated: 07 May 2015