Service fees

TicketLiNK is a business, and like any business it needs to charge for its services. Fees are kept to the lowest level possible.


In December 2016 we restructured our fees by removing the transaction fee and replacing with a per ticket booking fee. Therefore, regardless of the method used to make your ticket purchase, the booking fee will be the same. This has enabled us to advertise ticket prices including fees and complies with ACCC guidelines on component pricing.

For example, our fees will now be listed in one of the following two ways:

  1. Tickets $30 + $1.50 b/fee
  2. Tickets $31.50 including b/fee.

Booking Fees

All tickets purchased through ticketLiNK incur a booking fee, regardless of the method used to make the purchase.

Internet, counter and phone sales incur a booking fee of 5% of the ticket price, capped at $2 per ticket.

Exchange/refund fee

If an event promoter allows tickets to be refunded or exchanged a $2.20 per ticket fee applies.

Reissue fee

When available, lost ticket reissue incurs a fee of $1.10 per ticket. Tickets can only be reissued for events where patrons have been allocated a numbered seat or table. Tickets cannot be reissued for general admission or non-allocated seating events.