School groups

Many ticketLiNK events are suitable for school groups, from prep to year 12, and special group discounts are often available.

Make a school group booking

To make a school group booking:

When making a phone booking you will need to know the:

  • total number of students attending
  • total number of teachers attending, and
  • contact details for your school including email, phone and fax numbers.

The second page of the school group booking form has helpful information for school groups and appropriate etiquette.


You may change the number of people attending until the time of payment. If you have extra seats on the day of the performance we encourage you to invite other parents and family members to fill the seats you have paid for.

When booking seats you will be given a payment date. Failure to make payment by the due date could result in your seats being forfeited.


Tickets are not issued for school groups. Seated events are managed by the ushers according to a seating plan prepared by ticketLiNK staff. If you would particularly like tickets to be printed for your students, please contact ticketLiNK by phone or email.

Teacher resource materials and education kits

Education kits and resources to enhance the school experience are linked to the event page when they are available.

Education kits can be downloaded free of charge from the event page when available.