The Cairns region is characterised by two seasons – the wet summer season, which begins around November and ends around May, and the dry winter season. Being a monsoonal climate, most rainfall occurs between January and March. The cyclone season is normally confined to December and April.

Typical daytime temperatures range from 14C to 26C (52-78F) in mid-winter/dry season and 24C to 33C (75-91F) in mid-summer/ wet season. 

Today's weather and forecast for the next three days is available at the bottom of this page. 

Cyclone and flooding

The monsoon climate can generate heavy rainfall and flooding and less frequently, cyclones.

Residents and visitors to Cairns are urged to Plan. Pack. Listen. to be best prepared for any natural emergency.

Please be aware that evacuation advice is based on storm surge - when weather conditions create larger than normal tides causing water to inundate low-lying areas - not wind. Council's cyclone shelters are open to people living in inundation areas. 

Shelters can be used by visitors who have no where else to go. Consult your accommodation provider who should have a cyclone plan covering guests. 

Read more on how to be preparing for a cyclone


The Dangerous Marine Stinger season typically runs from November to May (subject to seasonal variability). Council-patrolled beaches include "stinger" nets but be aware that juvenile jellyfish may be small enough to get through the nets. It is always advisable to wear a stinger suit when swimming in the ocean. 

View current beaches status.

Today's weather and 3-day forecast

From Weatherzone website

Current weather for Cairns at 12:00am EST

Temperature: 24.4°C steady
Feels like: 24.4°C
Dew point: 23.5°C steady
Relative humidity: 95%
Wind: CAL at 0 km/h, gusting to 0 km/h steady
Rain: 6.8mm since 9am
Pressure: hPa steady

Cairns weather forecast


Possible shower
23°C - 32°C


Possible shower
23°C - 32°C


Possible shower
23°C - 32°C


Possible shower
23°C - 32°C

Nth Cst & Tableland weather

Cairns weather radar

Satellite cloud map

Last updated: 23 March 2015