Waste and Recycling Education

Phone 4044 8352 or contact via email council@cairns.qld.gov.au

Council's waste education project officer is available to assist schools, local business and community groups to plan, implement and evaluate waste education activities.

What waste and recycling services does council provide for schools?

Schools are entitled to the following services:

* 240 Litre wheelie bin recycling services
* Waste and recycling tours
* Assistance to develop waste action plans
* Information for waste and recycling school audits
* School presentations
* Waste education resources

Recycling services

Council is offering a free recycling service to all schools within the Cairns region.The allocation of recycling bins has been based on the number of students per school, serviced during the school terms. If your school does not have recycling, please contact council on 4044 3044.

Waste and Recycling YouTube education resources 

To redirect to the Cairns Regional Council You Tube site, please choose from the following resources:

  • Recycle Right Cairns Regional Council's new Recycle Right website helps you figure out which common household rubbish items can/can't be recycled and tells you which bin to put them in. 
  • Recycling your waste around the house How and why to reduce waste in your wheelie bins. 
  • Reuse to reduce waste Re-using things is great way to reduce our waste. See how and why to reuse your items instead of throwing them away. 
  • Our Region's waste / recycling story This is a great educational tool for schools. A complete detailed description of what happens to waste and recycling in the Cairns Region. 
  • Our recycling story A great educational tool for schools. Provides more detailed on recycling in the Cairns region. 
  • Contaminated recycling Contaminated recyclables such as gas bottles, dirty nappies, sharps and hazardous waste can be harmful and dangerous to the people who sort out your rubbish at the materials recovery facility. 
  • Recycling hazardous items Hazardous items are dangerous for the people who sort our rubbish and recyclables in the Cairns region. 
  • Sorting out the silly season Watch this video to learn about taking care of the environment by recycling thoughtfully during the Christmas and New Year period.  

Waste education resources

Council can assist schools and community groups with waste action plans, waste and recycling audit packs and information to support sustainable plans for school and community groups. This includes education curriculum, presentations, posters, images and tours.

Qld state government has a series of sample waste profiles to help schools and community groups understand what the likely composition of their waste is and what waste streams can be reduced, reused or recycled.

Planet Ark has released Second Nature - Recycling in Australia report. This page has additional resources and information for teachers and students.

Waste and recycling tours

The Waste and Recycling tour provides a fun, informative and first-hand look at waste and recycling for school and community groups and is a free service provided by Cairns Regional Council.

Visits to the materials recovery facility, Portsmith transfer station and the council buyback shop is an interesting and interactive learning experience for both school and community groups.

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For further information on waste services and resources or to book a waste and recycling tour, please contact council on 4044 3044 or download the Waste Tour Booking Form ( PDF, 0.36 MB ).

Phone 4044 8352 or contact via email council@cairns.qld.gov.au

Council can help your school with resources, tours and presentations on waste and recycling.

The following services are available for schools:
  • 240 litre wheelie bin recycling services - free recycling service to all schools
  • Waste and recycling tours
  • Assistance to develop waste action plans
  • Information for school waste and recycling audits
  • School presentations
  • Waste education resources
Waste educational resources:
  • Council can assist schools and community groups with waste action plans and waste and recycling audit packs
  • Information to support sustainable plans for school and community groups, including education curriculum, presentations, posters and images and tours
  • Waste and recycling YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/CouncilCairns
Free waste and recycling tours
  • Materials Recovery Facility, where you can learn what happens to your recycling once it leaves your house
  • Portsmith Transfer Station, including the Advanced Resource Recovery Facility and the Council buyback shop

Note: Tours may need to be cancelled in extreme weather conditions

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Last updated: 02 November 2016