Water Education

Phone 4044 8352 or contact via email council@cairns.qld.gov.au

The treatment of water, whether it's producing clean fresh drinking water or treating sewage and wastewater, is a complicated process. There's a lot more involved in the water supply chain than meets the eye.

Council's water education project officer is available to assist schools, local business and community groups to plan, implement and evaluate water education activities.

What services does Council provide schools?

Council can facilitate presentations, resources and tours to learn more about Cairns water and wastewater operations. This includes its collection, treatment and supply of drinking water to customers and the use of recycled water to benefit local communities, businesses and the environment.

Topics covered in presentations and tours include:

  • Tips to use water efficiently
  • The water cycle
  • Water quality
  • Water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment and water recycling
  • Environmental sustainability

Our educational services aim to reinforce Council's philosophy that "there's no place like our place - let's keep it that way".

Water education and resources

Council can provide posters and education content on local water storage and supply, treatment and recycling. Please refer to related documents.

Please view the Cairns Regional Council YouTube education resources:

  • Watering times. Watch this to learn when you can and can't water your gardens and lawns. These times are in affect year round
  • Why Cairns residents need to save water. Watch this video to learn why it is important for people living in the Cairns and Port Douglas regions of Australia to save water
  • How to save water in the home. Watch this video for ideas and tips about how to save water around your home.
  • Our water story. Providing detailed information on our water and wastewater supplies and treatment.
  • Water infrastructure. A technical account of water/wastewater infrastructure for professionals and specialist authorities (with subtitles).

The Queensland Government's water wise program has a number of resources to assist schools and community groups in profiling water saving tips.


Council can provide a range of FREE educational presentations and tours for schools and community groups which can be tailor-made to meet specific requirements and curriculum.

Council offer water tours to:

  • Copperlode Dam (Lake Morris)
  • Water intakes
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Wastewater Treatment PlantsCairns Water Laboratory

The tours are designed for community and school groups to become more familiar with how water is collected, purified and then treated once it's been used. The tour will also take in the wider issues of community health and the vital long-term maintenance of the Cairns waterways and environment

For further information on water services and resources or to book a water tour, please contact Council on (07) 4044 3044 or download our Tour Booking Form ( PDF, 0.26 MB ).

2015 Enrichment Program Special Mention

In 2014 the Holloways Beach Environmental Education Centre (HBEEC) introduced a new program to cater for gifted and talented students at primary schools in the Cairns area called the Cairns District Schools Science and
Environmental Sustainability Enrichment Program. Council entered into an agreement to contribute funding towards The Program for a period of 3 years.  The Program is aimed at engaging talented and gifted Year 5 students in applying science to real issues. Students are required to identify, develop and facilitate community sustainability initiatives and develop partnerships with industry experts.

In November 2015 students from Freshwater State School, Redlynch State College, Trinity Beach State School and Whitfield State School showcased their environmental initiatives to a packed crowd at the HBEEC Enrichment Program celebration evening held at the Cairns James Cook University Campus. 

One excellent example of the incredible efforts of our 2015 student group is Oscar Ennis-Thomas, who presented his research to the group using a brilliant animation he created called 'Clean Water - Healthy Food Chain'.   Oscar's video can be viewed on youtube by clicking here.

Phone 4044 8352 or contact via email council@cairns.qld.gov.au

Council can help your school with resources, tours and presentations on water conservation, production and supply.

Thrive Campaign

A clever and interactive advertising campaign designed to educate Cairns residents in outdoor water use as part of a strategy to reduce water demand.

Waste education resources:

Free educational school presentations and tours are provided on the following topics:

  • Thrive App – helping students to work out how much water a garden really needs and to choose plants that are less reliant on watering.
  • Tips to use water efficiently
  • The water cycle
  • Water quality
  • Water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment and water recycling
  • Environmental sustainability
Free tours to water facilities (years 7-12):
  • Copperlode Dam (Lake Morris)
  • Freshwater Treatment Plant
  • Marlin Coast, Northern and Southern Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Cairns Water Laboratory (recommended for years 11-12)

Note: Tours may need to be cancelled in extreme weather conditions

Free educational YouTube resources covering:

Visit www.youtube.com/user/CouncilCairns

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Last updated: 02 November 2016