Water Education

Phone 4044 8352 or contact via email council@cairns.qld.gov.au

Phone 4044 8352 or contact via email council@cairns.qld.gov.au

Council can help your school with resources, tours and presentations on water conservation, production and supply.

Thrive Campaign

A clever and interactive advertising campaign designed to educate Cairns residents in outdoor water use as part of a strategy to reduce water demand.

Waste education resources:

Free educational school presentations and tours are provided on the following topics:

  • Thrive App – helping students to work out how much water a garden really needs and to choose plants that are less reliant on watering.
  • Tips to use water efficiently
  • The water cycle
  • Water quality
  • Water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment and water recycling
  • Environmental sustainability
Free tours to water facilities (years 7-12):
  • Copperlode Dam (Lake Morris)
  • Freshwater Treatment Plant
  • Marlin Coast, Northern and Southern Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Cairns Water Laboratory (recommended for years 11-12)

Note: Tours may need to be cancelled in extreme weather conditions

Free educational YouTube resources covering:

Visit www.youtube.com/user/CouncilCairns

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Last updated: 27 October 2017