The first local government of Cairns, the Cairns Divisional Board was established in 1879. In 1885 the Divisional Board was split into two parts, one remained the Divisional Board and the other became the Cairns Municipal Council, which in 1923 became the Cairns City Council. The Cairns Divisional Board existed until 1902 when it became the Cairns Shire Council, which in 1940 became the Mulgrave Shire Council. The Mulgrave Shire Council operated until the 1995 amalgamation with Cairns City Council.

The first local government of the Douglas area was the Douglas Divisional Board established in 1880. In 1903 this board became the Douglas Shire Council which existed until the 2008 amalgamation of the Douglas Shire Council and the Cairns City Council to create the Cairns Regional Council.

Many Mayors have held the office of these Councils, these men and women are profiled on this site. At different times mayors have also been referred to as Chairmen and Councillors have been known as Aldermen.

Below is a flow chart showing the change in governing bodies for the Cairns region. Details of the Mayors and Chairmen of these Councils can be found by clicking on the name of the Council or Board.

Mayors and chairmen of Council

  • 1879-1885 Chairmen Cairns Divisional Board 
  • 1885-1923 Mayors Cairns Municipal Council
  • 1885-1902 Chairmen Cairns Divisional Board
  • 1902-1940 Chairmen Cairns Shire Council
  • 1923-1995 Mayors Cairns City Council
  • 1940-1995 Chairmen Mulgrave Shire Council
  • 1995-2008 Mayors of Cairns City Council
  • 1880-1903 Mayors Douglas Divisional Board
  • 1903-2008 Mayors Douglas Shire Council