Breaking ground on water recyling project


01 Mar 2012
Mossman is set to benefit from a major new recycled water initiative, thanks to Cairns Regional Council’s ongoing plan to ensure sustainable water supply in Division 10.
Construction is now under way on a 2km pipeline and 1 megalitre recycled water storage reservoir in Mossman, with completion expected by the end of the financial year – weather permitting.
“By June, the Mossman Recycled Water Scheme will deliver recycled water to nearby parks and gardens for irrigation purposes,” Mayor Val Schier said.
“A further upgrade will provide higher quality recycled water by 2016, opening up opportunities for more varied uses of this resource.”
Cr Schier said use of recycled water was a vital step in a broader water management plan that will secure water resources for Division 10 residents for many years to come.
“Water recycling is essential if we want to maintain a reliable and sustainable water supply,” said Cr Shier.
“The drinking water saved in this project will reduce demand on water sourced from Rex Creek.”
There are not expected to be any interruptions to water supplies during the works, though some minor, localised traffic interruptions may be experienced.
Other initiatives of the Our Water, Our Backyard program have included detection of leaks, distribution of water-saving household devices and advice to businesses.