Highway crossing link improves safety


19 Apr 2017

Cyclists now have access to an under-road link that allows safe crossing of one of Cairns’ busiest roads.

The Gordon Creek cycleway underpass connects the well-used Southern Cycleway with the western side of Mulgrave Road.

“This is a small but important link for people using the cycleway to access the CBD from the southern suburbs,” Mayor Bob Manning said.

“We’re pleased to be able to provide this path to make commuting by bicycle safer for our residents.”

The new path takes advantage of an existing creek system to provide an underpass below Mulgrave Road. It allows cyclists a more direct route from the southern suburbs, avoiding the need to travel further north to cross at a signalised intersection and double back to get to the cycleway.

The $500,000 underpass is jointly funded by Cairns Regional Council and the Queensland Government’s Cycle Network Local Government Grants program.

“We hope this addition will encourage more people to use the route to commute to the city centre,” Cr Manning said. “We are continually improving our cycling networks throughout the city to make active travel more attractive and convenient for residents.”

Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey said the works were an upgrade for the Cairns community and showed the State Government’s commitment to building cycling infrastructure.

“Building this link will make it easier and safer to cycle across town, helping residents choose active transport to travel,” Mr Bailey said.

“We know that, on average, every dollar we invest in cycling infrastructure will return nearly five dollars in economic benefit to Queensland with improved health outcomes, reduced traffic congestion, and lower transport costs.

“These works are a part of our Cycle Network Local Government Grants program, which has allocated $17.5 million to cycling projects across Queensland in 2016-17.”

In addition to the Gordon Creek link, Cairns Regional Council is nearing completion on the Mann Street cycleway, which is fully funded by the Queensland Government; and design is under way on both the Northern Cycleway extension from Lower Freshwater Road to Redlynch and the Northern Beaches Leisure Trail.

“Together, these projects contribute to making Cairns a safer and more enjoyable place to cycle,” Cr Manning said.

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