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Busy Things


An award-winning, colourful and interactive site dedicated to Early Years and SEN pupils, featuring entertaining and quirky characters. More...

Rainforest Coding

Rainforest Coding

Exciting adventures, interactive tutorials and fun scratch puzzles and games. Makes learning Scratch programming easier and great fun for all! More...

Your Tutor


Need help with your homework? Connect to a live tutor - free! Maths, English, Science, Economics, Business and Commerce, Essays and Reports, Research and Study Skills More...

10 Monkeys

10 Monkeys

A new math learning tool to help 6-10 year old kids learn basic mathematical skills in a fun game-like environment. Features logical progression and easy navigation, four easily adjustable skill levels, fun jungle, beach, safari and space themes. More...

PK Mag

PK Mag

PK mag is a place where primary school students can express their ideas, thoughts and share creativity in words, art, film or music. To access this site you will need to register first at the State Library of Queensland, please see our eResources page. More...

Tumble Books


Watch and listen to e-books online with TumbleBooks! You can also play games and puzzles - even write your own book reviews. This database includes titles in languages other than English. More...

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