Council manages five cemeteries. These facilities provide venues for burials, and memorials for ashes.

The first burial in Cairns took place on 16 December 1887 in the McLeod Street Cemetery and in that year there was a total of 15 burials. In 2006, 90 years on, there were just under 400 burials in the Cairns Regional area.

The style and presentation of our cemeteries not only reflects the north Queensland culture and heritage, but it also reflects our respect and dignity for family and friends who have passed on.  Many of our cemeteries are located alongside waterways, and feature; palm trees lined avenues, large open fields, war memorial gardens, and walkways.

Arranging a funeral

Arranging a funeral service can be a difficult experience for many people. A Funeral Director needs to be contacted to arrange the funeral. They will organise every aspect of the funeral including burial and cremation options.

Please see the yellow pages for a list of local funeral directors.

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