Beaches and foreshores

The Cairns region has some of the most beautiful coastline in Queensland, and our tropical beaches are a popular destination for individuals and groups all year round.

A swimming enclosure is in the water at most beaches to provide safer swimming conditions during the dangerous marine stinger season typically from November to May (subject to seasonal variability). The beaches with swimming enclosures are:

  • Ellis Beach 
  • Palm Cove 
  • Clifton Beach 
  • Kewarra Beach 
  • Trinity Beach 
  • Yorkeys Knob 
  • Holloways Beach 
  • Bramston Beach

Council provides lifeguard services on these beaches and on Green Island at certain times.  For up to date information, contact the NQ Lifeguard Supervisor on 0403 577 649.  Swim safe and only swim at beaches patrolled by a lifeguard.

Swim safe during annual stinger season

Stinger season generally runs from November to May.  The stinger resistant swimming enclosures at local beaches give a high degree of protection against Box Jellyfish (but are not 100 percent 'stinger proof'). 

Beaches may be closed when stingers are present.  Closures remain in place until weather patterns change and drive stingers away from the coastline.  Always heed lifesavers' warnings and do not swim when beaches are closed. 

Even when beaches are open, you can reduce your exposure to potential stings - wear protective clothing (wetsuit or full-body lycra suit) and enter the water slowly as stingers will often swim away, given the chance.

Beaches status

For current beaches status, view Surf Lifesaving Queensland's North Queensland Marine Stinger Season Update website.

Council also publishes beach closure public notices on our website - check the Alerts page for any current notices.