Anticipated procurement

Listed below are Council contracts for which major procurement activity is scheduled to occur during the next twelve months (October 2017 to September 2018).

This list of potential procurement activities below is updated quarterly and subject to change at any time.  Cairns Regional Council does not guarantee that any of the procurement activities listed will proceed and reserves the right to alter or cancel any of the listed procurement activities at its discretion.  For more information on Council's procurement framework, please refer to Council's Procurement Policy ( PDF, 0.07 MB )

Project NameMethod of ProcurementAnticipated Commencement
Automated backups of SCADA Virtual MachinesRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 17
Barron River Water Supply SchemeOther Arrangement (e.g. Localbuy)Oct-Dec 17
Behana WTP Sodium Hypochlorite System UpgradeOther Arrangement (e.g. Localbuy)Oct-Dec 17
Catchment Sewerage Planning Study for MCWWTPOther Arrangement (e.g. Localbuy)Oct-Dec 17
Compliance Testing of Fire and Life Systems and EquipmentRequest for TenderOct-Dec 17
Condition Assessment of WWTPsOther Arrangement (e.g. Localbuy)Oct-Dec 17
Condition Assessment of WWTPsOther Arrangement (e.g. Localbuy)Oct-Dec 17
Construct and install silt pit at Kamerunga Pipe FarmRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 17
Construction of New Water LaboratoryQuotation under existing Council ArrangementOct-Dec 17
Depots Security Upgrade Request for TenderOct-Dec 17
Design consultancy for the upgrade of SPS KOther Arrangement (e.g. Localbuy)Oct-Dec 17
Design consultancy for the upgrade of the EWWTPOther Arrangement (e.g. Localbuy)Oct-Dec 17
Drain Realignment Walker Road/Logomeir RoadRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 17
Edmonton WWTP Refurbishment of Clarifier #1Other Arrangement (e.g. Localbuy)Oct-Dec 17
Emergency Water Supply Plan - ConsultancyOther Arrangement (e.g. Localbuy)Oct-Dec 17
EWWTP/GWWTP Citect Redundancy & EWWTP Citect UpgradeRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 17
Gordonvale Community Hall - Ventilation ImprovementsRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 17
Gordonvale WWTP Replace Inlet ScreensQuotation under existing Council ArrangementOct-Dec 17
Install Sheds over GeneratorsRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 17
MRF Glass Crusher - Replace Trommell ScreensRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 17
MRF MasterplanQuotation under existing Council ArrangementOct-Dec 17
MRF Replacement of conveyor and beltRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 17
Norries Bridge RefurbishmentRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 17
Page Bridge RefurbishmentRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 17
Palm Cove Esplanade - Lighting and Electrical UpgradesRequest for TenderOct-Dec 17
PLC and Instrument centralisation and Treatment Plant Engineering TerminalsRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 17
Single Pump SPS Risk Assessment and Standardisation StrategyOther Arrangement (e.g. Localbuy)Oct-Dec 17
Toilet Facilities RenewalRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 17
Underground Drainage Revaluation Request for TenderOct-Dec 17
Upgrade Sewage Pump Station S4 and Dillon/Dalton St upgrade gravity sewer mainRequest for TenderOct-Dec 17
Upgrade Sewerage Pump Station B1Other Arrangement (e.g. Localbuy)Oct-Dec 17
Woree Community Hall - Minor Building WorksRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 17
Bituminous Crack SealingRequest for TenderJan-Mar 18
Cleaning of Gross Pollution TrapsRequest for TenderJan-Mar 18
Commercial Real EstateRequest for TenderJan-Mar 18
Copperlode Dam refurburbishment of outlet butterfly and cone valvesOther Arrangement (e.g. Localbuy)Jan-Mar 18
Engineering, Goetechnical and Construction ServicesRequest for TenderJan-Mar 18
Geotechnical and Construction ServicesRequest for TenderJan-Mar 18
Landscape Maintenance - Smithfield Village Stages 1 - 12Request for TenderJan-Mar 18
Provision of Hygiene Services Request for TenderJan-Mar 18
Smithfield Drainage Management PlanRequest for QuotationJan-Mar 18
Stage 2 Munro Martin Parklands - Permanent back of house structures, bar and toiletsRequest for TenderJan-Mar 18
Supplies and Services Major ProjectsRequest for TenderJan-Mar 18
Supply and Lay Asphaltic ConcreteRequest for TenderJan-Mar 18
Cairns Environs DMPRequest for TenderApr-Jun 18
CitySafe CCTV Monitoring and Security PatrolsRequest for TenderApr-Jun 18
Emergency Water Supply Plan - Drilling worksRequest for TenderApr-Jun 18
Offsite Records ManagementRequest for TenderApr-Jun 18
Supply and Delivery of Traffic Signs and Control DevicesRequest for TenderApr-Jun 18
Upgrade Sewage Pump Station S1Request for TenderApr-Jun 18
Water Lab Field InstrumentsRequest for QuotationApr-Jun 18
Provision of Courier Services for Cairns LibrariesRequest for TenderJul-Sep 18
Testing of Backflow Prevention DevicesRequest for TenderJul-Sep 18
Last updated: 20 October 2017