Move to activate vacant land in Gordonvale

Published: 28 Sep 2017

Cairns Regional Council will seek to reinvigorate the Gordonvale Town Centre by activating land that has been vacated by State Government facilities.

Council will investigate options to acquire four parcels of land in Church Street and Norman Street.

The properties are owned by various Queensland Government departments and were previously occupied by Police and Fire services.

“When the Queensland Government relocated the Gordonvale Fire Station and the Gordonvale Police Station out of the town centre, it left a gap in terms of economic activity in the area,” Mayor Bob Manning said.

“One of the goals of the Gordonvale Economic Plan was to identify opportunities to reverse that trend and to stimulate new commercial activity in the town centre.

“The land that has been left vacant by the relocated State services is ideal for commercial development. The site is potentially capable of supporting a full-scale retail outlet, commercial offices or similar use that would generate employment and stimulate economic activity.

“It’s important that this opportunity is not let slip; anything less that the best use of this land will have a significant impact on the continued growth and economic viability of the Gordonvale Town Centre.

“Additionally, we’ll work with the community to address their needs in respect to community facilities that would also help to activate the town centre".

Council had previously indicated to the State Government that it would be happy to partner with the State to achieve an outcome that would benefit the Gordonvale community.

Commercial development of the identified land is consistent with the intentions of CairnsPlan 2016 and the Gordonvale Economic Plan.

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Last updated: 29 September 2017