Bonus free green waste drop-off

Published: 20 Apr 2017

A bonus free green waste drop-off will be available to Cairns region residents for five days from tomorrow (Friday 21 April – Tuesday 25 April).

A free drop-off period earlier this month coincided with heavy rain, which prevented many residents from making use of the offer.

Mayor Bob Manning said a second bonus period was being offered to assist residents to clean up their yards.

“As the end of the wet season approaches, yards can be overgrown and this can become a health risk through mosquito breeding or rat harbourage,” Cr Manning said.

“Twice a year, we provide a free disposal period to help residents keep on top of fast-growing vegetation.”

During the original drop-off period on 1-9 April, residents disposed of 1585 tonnes of green waste in 7525 visits across all four waste transfer stations.

During that time, visitors to the waste transfer stations donated $838.45 to support the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. Donations will again be accepted throughout the upcoming free disposal.

Under the bonus free period, green waste can be dropped off free of charge at the following locations:

  • Portsmith Transfer Station, Friday - Tuesday 8.30am to 5.15pm
  • Smithfield Transfer Station, Friday, Saturday, Monday & Tuesday 7am to 5.15pm; Sunday 9am to 5.15pm
  • Gordonvale Transfer Station, Friday - Tuesday 8.30am to 5.15pm
  • Babinda Transfer Station, Friday, Sunday & Monday 8.30am to 4.45pm

Green waste dropped at waste transfer stations during this and the previous free drop-off will be mulched and offered back to the community at a later date.

Please note: this offer is only for domestic cars, utilities and/or trailers and light trucks (vehicle weight to GVM 4 tonnes). Normal rates apply for disposal of any other waste during this period, including green waste from garden maintenance contractors on behalf of residents.

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Last updated: 21 April 2017