Division 2: John Schilling

John is owner/director of Mac Constructions (NQ), and was well known as the face of local home building companies such as David McCoy Homes and Lander Homes.

Born in Bowen, John moved to Cairns in 1979 and is married with two adult children.

Division 2 focuses on Edmonton and Bentley Park, and includes part of Mount Sheridan. It is bounded by Skeleton Creek in the north of Collinson Creek in the south.  The area extends east to encircle the Swallow Road industrial precinct and original Edmonton East residential area. A multitude residential subdivisions lie to the west, overshadowed by the Isley foothills.

Portfolio responsibilities

  • Infrastructure Committee - Chair
  • Governance Committee - member
  • Planning & Environment Committee - member

Contact information

Email: j.schilling@cairns.qld.gov.au

Office phone: 07 4044 3072
Mobile phone: 0412 773 730
Fax:  07 4044 3089

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Last updated: 14 September 2017