Mann Street Cycleway

A new cycleway is being built along Mann Street in Westcourt and Minnie Street in Parramatta Park.

This $1.35 million project is being funded by the Queensland Government’s Priority Cycle Route Improvement Program.

The path will have many benefits for the community as it will provide a safer, appealing and more convenient cycling route instead of the busy, highly trafficked Mulgrave Road.

It involves constructing a 3 metre wide asphalt cycle path along the kerb on one side of Mann Street. The new path then continues into Minnie Street and connects to existing paths. There are two sections marked as bicycle awareness zones.

For further information please down the project fact sheet and detailed plans below.

Why Mann Street for a cycleway?

  • gives cyclists an alternative to busy Mulgrave Road – a highly trafficked 4 to 6-lane median divided road with limited access and permeability;
  • a quieter street with low traffic volumes, a wide road reserve and some vehicle-free sections;
  • avoids alot of traffic lights;
  • acts as a spine for feeder routes;
  • link is within 3km of the CBD;
  • connects from and to schools, sporting facilities and other attractions;
  • improves cyclist safety and caters specifically for cyclists;
  • wide road reserve provides enough room for cycleway & existing car parking space.

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Last updated: 11 April 2017