Logomeir Road extension

Current status as at 13 December 2016

This project is estimated to be 85% complete.
  • Footpath installation substantially complete;
  • Stormwater installation and subsoil drain installation complete;
  • Bulk earthworks and retaining wall complete;
  • Roadworks complete, pavement and asphalt installed;
  • Water main installation and electrical works complete;
  • Turf and hydro-mulching complete to embankments; 
  • New rail crossing over new road and installation of new cane rail alignment underway.

Work is underway on the first stage of a major new road project in Edmonton.

The extension of Logomeir Road will connect the suburbs of Bentley Park and Edmonton from Bicentennial Road to Walker Road, linking with the newly opened sporting precinct.

It will ultimately be constructed as a four-lane, median-divided road and will be delivered in three stages.

The initial stage includes relocation of utilities, undergrounding of some electrical wiring, stormwater drainage, relocation of the cane rail and a retaining wall.

Stage 2, comprising the construction of a signalised intersection at Walker Road, is expected to start in the 2017-18 financial year.

In the longer term, Logomeir Road will provide direct access to the Bruce Highway once the Department of Transport and Main Roads constructs the future Bentley Park Interchange.

For further information, please contact Council on (07) 4044 3044 or email feedback@cairns.qld.gov.au.

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Last updated: 11 April 2017