Utku and Alarrakudhi 2016

(Emu and Brolga – Beforetime Story)

Etched granite tile from original lino cut on paper

Teho Ropeyarn

“This artwork is my interpretation, recreating chapters of the story Utku and Alarrakudhi (Emu and Brolga) told to me by our cultural teacher, the Late Gordon Pablo. Utku and Alarrakudhi image begins with the wantha (yam) and wantha manggudhi (yam vine), wunga (sun), akyan (moon), and unggoongu (star). The wantha manggudhi anthaypa (yam vine) carries the story and flows through each individual piece highlighting each event that took place. The story features two families, the ivimi Utku (mother emu) and her uliyn wuypu mupa (crazy wild, bad children) and ivimi Alarrakudhi and her mupa were ikama mupa ami (good children that listened).

It is the story of how the emu became flightless as a result of jealousy. The moral of the story is that one must not get jealous of people and how they grow through life. Karma comes back to haunt you. We must learn to respect each other before we are respected, then we can accept and give respect.”

Last updated: 15 February 2017