Finance Department

Chief Financial Officer, Ms Lisa Whitton

Responsible for Finance, Information Services, Cairns Shared Services and Procurement. Specific functions include:

  • Oversight of short term financial performance and long term financial planning
  • Provision of efficient technology solutions and information management
  • Delivery of streamlined administrative solutions to the public and wider Council business
  • Oversight of procurement activities across Council
Mr Andrew Carline is Council's Information Services Manager 
Information Services branch

Manager, Mr Andrew Carline

Responsible for:

  • Technology management
  • Information management
  • Project management
Finance branch

Manager, Mr Jason Ritchie

Responsible for:

  • Management, financial and asset accounting functions
  • Delivering long and short term financial forecasts, taxation and treasury services
  • Providing fiscal assistance to all internal departments
  • Budget preparation and monitoring
  • Statutory and monthly financial reporting
Cairns Shared Services branch

Manager, Ms Mandy Wise

Responsible for:

  • Centralised delivery of high volume administrative tasks to internal and external customers, including payroll, accounts payable, revenue, business support, depot administration support, customer service and TicketLiNK.
Geoff Burdon is Council's Procurement Manager 
Procurement branch

Manager, Mr Geoff Burdon

Responsible for:

  • strategic oversight and guidance for all procurement and contracting activities for Council in accordance with all legislative requirements
  • effective management of Council’s payment to suppliers
  • efficient and effective management of Council inventor
Last updated: 12 May 2017