Clean Up Days

A community Clean Up is a great way to bring your community together for a cause that boosts community pride and creates a litter-free environment.

Cairns Regional Council and Clean Up Australia support community clean-ups with litter collection kits, insurance for volunteers, rubbish collection and event promotion. To activate your Clean Up support:

  1. Register your site (for volunteer insurance) with Clean Up Australia
  2. Contact Council's Sustainability Team for local support, including extra clean-up equipment and rubbish collection.

For more information Phone 4044 3253 or contact via email

Great Northern Clean Up

The Great Northern Clean Up, Northern Australia’s version of Clean up Australia Day, is held each year in September before the wet. Cairns Regional Council supports with coordination, promotion and the collection of rubbish and Clean Up Australia provides resources such as bags and gloves. Each year, participants have the chance to win eco-tourism prizes for their efforts in keeping our patch of paradise litter free.

Clean Up Australia Day

Held in March each year, Clean Up Australia Day is when the region joins Australia's largest Clean Up.  Council supports all registered clean-up sites with extra equipment, volunteer recruitment and collection of rubbish from pre-arranged pick up points. For more information visit

Everyday clean-ups

Can't wait for one of the annual Clean Up days? You can hold a community clean-up at any time of the year. Just remember to contact Council to request rubbish collection, after you have registered your site with Clean Up Australia for insurance purposes.

Citizen Science

Citizen science is a way that the general public can contribute to the monitoring and management of our natural areas, check out:

Last updated: 17 November 2017

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