Unfortunately there is a significant number of unwanted cats and dogs in the region due to unwanted litters. To help limit the number of unwanted pets, and the need to re-home or euthanise them, you may have one litter per pet every three years.

If you intend to breed your cat or dog more frequently, you need a breeder's licence from a recognised breeders' association.

Avoid unwanted litters

Pet owners can take the following steps to prevent unwanted litters:

  • Desexing
  • Adequate fencing or enclosures
  • Taking extra precautions while animals are in season

There is a significant discount on registration for de-sexed dogs.

Pet shops, catteries and kennels

There are specific steps you need to go through for permission to operate a commercial pet business.

Pet shops are defied as "shopping facilities" under Council's planning scheme and are subject to standard planning and development approvals.

Catteries and kennels also require planning approval to conduct "intensive animal husbandry".

If you are unsure of your responsibilities contact our Development Assessment Unit on 4044 3044.

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Last updated: 04 March 2016