Pets & domestic animals

Pets and domestic animals can be much-loved members of your household but can also be the cause of unhappy neighbourhoods.

As an animal owner you are responsible for caring for your pet or pets and ensuring you comply with relevant Local Laws. 

This section provides information on responsible pet ownership and what you can do if you have a complaint.

Full details of State and Council rules governing pet ownership are available in: 


In Cairns, you can have two cats without requiring a permit. Responsible cat owners take steps to keep their cats at home for their own safety and to prevent fights with other animals and wildlife. More


Being a responsible dog owner means registering your dog (from 12 weeks old), caring for your animal including regular exercise and preventing your dog from being involved in attacks and other anti-social behaviour. More

Birds, poultry and other animals

Information on what kind and how many birds you can keep on your property, along with poultry, horses, sheep, goats and other domestic animals. More

Animal complaints

Council receives thousands of animal-related complaints each year. Many can be avoided through responsible pet ownership. More

Lost pets

We make every effort to reunite owners and their lost pets. You can make this much easier by registering your cat or dog and ensure they have their registration tag on their collar. More


Unfortunately there is a significant number of unwanted cats and dogs in the region due to unwanted litters. To help limit the number of unwanted pets, and the need to re-home or euthanise them, Council requires pet owners to obtain a breeder's permit or licence. More

Last updated: 27 March 2015