FRC Pipe Installations

Due to recent issues with Fibre Reinforced Cement (FRC) pipe installations within the district, Cairns Regional Council has sought to restrict their future use even though the FNQROC Development Manual allows the application.

Additional advice regarding their performance has also been sought from the Concrete Pipe Association of Australasia.

Use of FRC pipes are not recommended in the following environments:

  • Aggressive ground conditions such as high acidity may attack and deteriorate the cement rich FRC matrix
  • High water table environments may lead to excessive water absorption causing embrittlement and changes in properties of the semi-rigid state
  • Testing has confirmed that rubber ring joints in FRC pipes may not be able to meet minimum shear load forces which can reasonably be expected in service, such as saturated pipes subject to traffic loads

On this basis Council will impose conditions as part of future operational works approvals which disallows their use.

Last updated: 06 February 2015