Infrastructure Charges

Adopted infrastructure charges

Infrastructure charges are levied upon development as part of the development assessment process. Charges collected or assets constructed contribute to the provision of essential trunk infrastructure to service the region. 

Council levies infrastructure charges under its Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (AICR) 2015 ( PDF, 0.16 MB ) in effect from 23 September 2015. The resolution details:

  • the infrastructure charge rates to be levied upon development in locations across the Region;
  • the identification of development subject to infrastructure charges;
  • a table of equivalent CairnsPlan planning scheme use categories and State Government charge categories;
  • the trunk infrastructure networks to which the adopted infrastructure charges apply, including water supply, wastewater, transport, parks and stormwater
  • how infrastructure charges are calculated;
  • how infrastructure charges will be adjusted or increased;
  • refunds and offset provisions;
  • the method for recalculating the establishment cost of trunk infrastructure;
  • criteria used to assess applications to convert non trunk to trunk infrastructure; and
  • Council's trunk infrastructure standards, network planning, costings and schedule of works.

 The resolution and schedules can be found here:

For copies of Infrastructure Works Schedules and Trunk Infrastructure Plans please email

Infrastructure charges calculator

You can prepare an infrastructure charges estimate for development by using our Infrastructure Charges Calculator ( XLS, 2.29 MB ).

You are required to input data into the available fields. Further information or detail on the calculation methodologies can be found in Council's Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution 2015 ( PDF, 0.16 MB ).

The infrastructure charges calculated are estimates only and are subject to confirmation by Cairns Regional Council. The charge rates are also subject to index adjustments. The total charge amount indicated on this notice is current at the date of creation, the total charge due at the date of payment may change. Council disclaims any liability arising as a result of reliance upon information contained within this estimate.

Note: If when you open the calculator you are not presented with an option to enable macros, you may need to adjust your macro security levels. If you do not wish to modify your macro settings, you can request a copy of the calculator to be emailed to you by contacting

Please contact the Development Assessment Team on 07 4044 3044 or by email if you have any enquiries regarding infrastructure charging or to seek an estimate or confirm charges payable.

Financial assistance for not for profit recreation, sporting and community groups – infrastructure charges relief

General Policy 1:04:52 allows Council to consider applications for relief of infrastructure charges from not for profit organisations. 

The purpose of the Financial Assistance for Not for Profit Recreation, Sporting and Community Groups - Infrastructure Charges Relief General Policy ( PDF, 0.05 MB ) is to assist community, sporting and not for profit organisations that expand the services they offer or construct new facilities, through the provision of relief on a percentage of infrastructure charges associated with their development.

Last updated: 18 March 2016