Book a public space

Public access areas available for special events

Council will give consideration to the use of the following public areas:

  • Beaches and Foreshores located from Ellis Beach to Bramston Beach for weddings and activities
  • Bill Wakeham Park located in Babinda
  • Alley Park located in Gordonvale
  • Petersen Park located in Edmonton
  • Johnson Park located in Gordonvale
  • Goomboora Park located in Brinsmead
  • Glenoma Park located in Brinsmead
  • others, as requested.

See Park, reserve and foreshore booking form.

Guidelines for holding special events

Following is a guideline of general procedures and restrictions that apply. If you have any queries regarding the following information, please contact Council.

  • Procedure/processing time for applications - written applications are to be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.
  • Fee structure - Fees may be charged and are dependent on the event.
  • Hours of operation for holding a special event - dependent on venue and function.
  • Bond/deposit required - is usually required but is dependent on the event (e.g. potential ground damage)
  • Insurance requirements - Yes - Public Liability cover: $20,000,000 with Cairns Regional Council to be noted on policy as an interested party.
  • Capacity limitations - dependent on venue and function.
  • Hours for set-up and clean-up - To be negotiated with Council upon application.
  • Vehicle access - Prior permission required for vehicles to drive onsite.  Number of vehicles to be included in application.
  • Parking facilities - variable.
  • Erection of structure - only temporary structures permitted with details to be submitted to Council.
  • Alcohol consumption - alcohol may be consumed at venues but this is subject to State licensing requirements.
  • Special effects (e.g. fireworks, lasers) - Special effects are permitted subject to appropriate approvals (Contact Health Dept on 4044 3044).
  • Access to power and water - available (cost for use charged to the hirer).
  • Access to existing amenities - access to existing amenities is variable and needs to be confirmed with Council.
  • Amplified music - will be considered as part of the application for approval process.
  • Noise levels - not to exceed State and Local Government requirements. Contact Council's Compliance Unit on 4044 3044.
  • Food requirements - Contact Council's Compliance Unit on 4044 3044.
  • Waste management and clean-up requirements - to be arranged by event organiser. Contact waste contractors.
  • Additional comments/requirements: for bookings please contact Council on 4044 3044.
Last updated: 28 April 2017