Economic development strategies

Our goal

Cairns Regional Council is committed to shaping a strong, diversified and sustainable regional economy that supports the growth of new and existing industry and business activities whilst enhancing local lifestyle and providing long term employment opportunities.

Our strategies

We are working to develop:

  • a diversified and innovative business sector
  • an economy which supports and facilitates employment opportunities
  • infrastructure and utilities that facilitate and enhance sustainable growth
  • an integrated approach to town and regional planning that strengthens local identity and lifestyle
  • an attractive place to live, work and visit through the encouragement of investment, development and employment.

Babinda and Gordonvale Economic Development Plans

Council is committed to the sustainable growth of Babinda and Gordonvale, and has developed Economic Development Plans for both communities.  These plans aim to stimulate economic activity, employment and population growth, and investment, effectively promote the towns and local businesses, and improve liveability.

The key strategies and actions identified within each plan relate to:

  1. Tourism development and promotion,
  2. Business and industry development,
  3. Improved connectivity, and
  4. Cooperation between all levels of Government in the delivery of services.

Council will work in partnership with key stakeholders to deliver on these plans in a timely manner.

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Last updated: 07 July 2017