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Investment incentives

Cairns Regional Council’s investment incentives are available to eligible projects that will stimulate significant economic and community benefits for Cairns. More

Inbound delegations

Cairns Regional Council welcomes delegations seeking to visit Cairns for purposes relating to trade and investment, Sister City relationship or technical knowledge sharing should complete and submit the online application form. More

A city for the Asian century

Cairns is a strategically located world-class tourism and commercial hub, perfectly positioned to capitalise on the massive, fast-growing Asian economies.

As the international gateway to two of the world’s great natural wonders – the Great Barrier Reef and the world’s oldest tropical rainforest – Cairns is renowned worldwide as a premier tourism destination. Our spectacular and pristine reef, rainforest and tropical beaches attract more than 2.4 million visitors every year.

Our city is home to 158,000 people and our population is expected to grow to 400,000 by 2050. Cairns has a welcoming multicultural community where residents from more than 47 nations love the vibrant culture and relaxed tropical lifestyle.

A tropical “city in the rainforest”, Cairns is surrounded by unspoilt nature. We have the highest tree covering of any regional city in Australia (with 79% green space in our urban areas). The city’s planning policies balance
development with protecting our unique environment for future generations.

Cairns offers world-class education, health and leisure facilities and housing options to suit all lifestyles.

Cairns is a friendly, safe and sophisticated international city with unparalleled natural beauty, enviable tropical climate, relaxed lifestyle and enormous economic growth potential – making us the ideal place to position yourself for the Asian century.

For investors, Cairns delivers:

  • A dynamic, innovative and growing economy
  • Stable political environment, pro-business local government
  • Development-friendly planning scheme that supports diversity, quality and growth
  • Strong local government investment in public infrastructure to support future commercial development
  • Low business operating costs and taxes (with Australia’s lowest payroll tax rate of 4.75%),and competitive utility costs
  • Highly skilled, educated, job-ready workforce supported by international-standard universities and research and development institutes
  • Superb lifestyle and low cost of living
  • A pristine natural environment free from pollution
  • Geographic proximity, connectivity and compatible time zones to Asia-Pacific markets
  • Hub for rail, road, sea and air transport
  • Strong cultural and historical links with Asia and particularly China
  • Significant development opportunities in tourism and property

Cairns is Perfectly Positioned for Investment

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Last updated: 09 May 2016