Strategic land use planning

Strategic Planning puts in place long term strategies and plans to ensure Cairns retains its enviable lifestyle and unique character, while also allowing for continued growth and development.

Cairns style design guide

The Cairns Style Design Guide has been developed to encourage builders and developers to embrace a "Cairns Style" that will enhance the tropical feel and charm of our city when designing new structures.

Local Heritage Register

Under the Queensland Heritage Act, places are listed in the Cairns Regional Council Local Heritage Register. There are currently no places identified in Council's Local Heritage Register.

Neighbourhood character study

The CairnsPlan currently designates a number of character precincts and local heritage places across the City and surrounding suburbs.

Local Heritage Studies

Council has undertaken local heritage studies to identify, assess and document places of local heritage significance within the region.

Specialised information may be obtained by contacting Planning Strategies. Phone (07) 40443542 or fax (07) 40443836.