Planning Schemes

The consolidated CairnsPlan for the City of Cairns commenced in March 2009. Council is now developing a new draft Cairns Region Planning Scheme to manage the region's land use and development over the next 20 years. The statutory public consultation period for the draft scheme is 27 October to 10 November 2014.

See below for more specific information on planning schemes.

Overhead sketch

Current schemes & policies

The current (2009) planning scheme for the former Cairns City Council remains in force until a new planning scheme covering the Cairns region is adopted.

Planning schemes

Superseded & transitional schemes

The (superseded) CairnsPlan came into effect in January 2005.

Property & Land Information

Scheme amendments

Council is required to notify the public of any proposed amendments. Applications for either area can be made at the Cairns or Mossman office.


Draft Cairns Region Planning Scheme

Cairns Regional Council has commenced preparations of a new planning scheme for the Cairns region.