Publications & reports

Annual reports

Annual reports from Cairns Regional Council (2008 to current).

Budget 2014-2015

Cairns Regional Council's 2014-2015 Budget was handed down at a Special (Budget) Meeting on Monday 23 June 2014. It is a balanced Budget, with total operating expenditure and total operating revenue of $276.8 million. Net rates and utility charges account for 84.4% of revenue. The 2014-2015 Budget features a $121.6 million Capital Works Program.

Corporate plan

The Cairns Regional Council Corporate Plan 2013-2018 is the guiding document by which Council operates during these five years. It provides clear objectives that can be incorporated into all areas of Council’s operations.

Financial and planning documents

Council is required to make relevant financial and planning documents available to the public. These documents include annual budget, general purpose financial statement, revenue statement, annual report, financial plans, operational plan, corporate plan, community grants policy, procurement policy and community engagement plan.


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Operational plans

Council's Operational Plans are produced on a financial year basis and contain the annual budget and capital works program. Operational Plan content is based on direction provided by the Corporate Plan.

Quarterly Progress Reports

The quarterly progress reports present the achievements of Council's seven departments.

Other publications:

New Residents' Guide

Council has produced a handy guide to living, working and playing in the Cairns region.  You can view an e-book version of the New Residents' Guide online.  Hard copies are available from Council's Customer Service Centres in Cairns and Mossman, at all Cairns Library branches and at many local real estate agents in the Cairns area. You may also request a hard copy by phoning Council on (07) 4044 3044 or email

Guide for international students 

Cairns welcomes international students from all over the world. Council's Guide to Studying and Living in Cairns provides potential students with practical information about moving to and living in Cairns.

Contracts valued at $200,000 or more

In compliance with section 237 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Council publishes details of all contracts valued $200,000 or more - see Related Documents at right for the latest list. Information documented includes:

  • The person with whom Council has entered into the contract.
  • The value of the contract.
  • The purpose of the contract

Community Plan

The community plan was developed during 2010-2011 as a requirement of the Local Government Act at that time.  Extensive community consultation and engagement was conducted throughout the region.  More than 2500 pieces of public feedback - received through workshops, online surveys and forums, postcards, letters and other forms - helped shape the plan.

In 2012, the Queensland Government amended the Local Government Act and repealed the requirement for a community plan. Whilst it is no longer a statutory document, Council's community plan continues to serves as a reference point for information on the community's values and aspirations.