Rates, fees & charges


At the Special (Budget) Meeting held on 25 June 2013, Council adopted Differential General Rates for 2013-14.

Previous years' Budget documents, including Revenue Statement and Rates and Charges, can be viewed in the Publications & Reports area.

Revenue and services

Council raises the majority of its revenues from rates levied against residential and commercial properties, and spends those resources on delivering more than 200 quality services, facilities and infrastructure.

Some of the primary services include waste management, recycling, water supply, road construction and maintenance, parks and gardens, swimming pools, libraries, town and strategic planning, environmental management and sport and recreation facilities.  Under the governing Local Government Act, numerous regulatory responsibilities are devolved to Council by the Queensland Government.


Council's 2013-14 Budget was handed down at a Special (Budget) Meeting on 25 June 2013. The balanced budget features a $132.5 million capital works program, a modest 3.69 per cent rise in general rates and a $3.6 million reduction in debt.

Read the 2013-14 Budget media releases or peruse the 2013-14 Budget meeting papers. Previous year's Budget documents are available in the Publications & Reports area.

Fees and charges

Payment options

Council offers a variety of payment options for rates, water billing, infringements, animal registration and sundry debtors.